Expansion of Railway Line – New Routes to be Made Available

You might be aware of the fact that Indian Railways is known to have one of the largest networks in the world. In addition to this, the network employees over a million people and this is not all. You can book the ticket to remote places via online IRCTC Next Generation Portal without any problem. It is also the first government portal to have its own wallet which is also known as IRCTC e-Wallet.

Even after being one of the largest networks, the hunger for growth doesn’t stop and it is sort of necessary to keep growing. As you might have seen, the railway recently announced the expansion of the network with 200 more railways lines. Apart from this, the upgradation of the existing lines is still an ongoing process.

In this article, we are going to share some information with you and believe it or not, this information is not yet available on your IRCTC Login or IRCTC Next Generation Login as this information is all about the expansion of railway lines.

Where are We Presently with Expansion Project?

Well, the expansion is not easy and it takes a bit of time to initialize the project. The plan has been finalized but it is being reviewed by the experts. In addition to this, the government is also working on land acquisition, environmental clearances and legal clearances as these are some important things that government need to have in order to start with the infrastructure work.

The provision for the funds have already been made in the budget and this will increase as and when it is required. The work is in progress and hence you may not worry about this. It is going to take some time before you are able to see these new routes available for public and honestly, we do not know much about the timelines.

Which States are Getting New Lines?

We obtained a list from one of our sources and the list is pretty accurate. In addition to this, we can’t guarantee you any changes that have been made to the plan but the details in the primary list are below.

  • Assam and North East– 15 New Lines
  • Andhra Pradesh– 18 New Lines
  • Bihar– 34 New Lines
  • Chhattisgarh– 8 New Lines
  • Delhi– 1 New Line
  • Gujarat– 4 New Lines
  • Haryana– 7 New Lines
  • Himachal Pradesh– 4 New Lines
  • Jammu and Kashmir– 1 New Line
  • Jharkhand– 14 New Lines
  • Karnataka – 16 New Lines
  • Kerala– 2 New Lines
  • Madhya Pradesh– 8 New Lines
  • Maharashtra– 12 New Lines
  • Odisha– 10 New Lines
  • Punjab– 6 New Lines
  • Rajasthan– 10 New Lines
  • Tamil Nadu– 8 New Lines
  • Telangana– 9 New Lines
  • Uttar Pradesh– 15 New Lines
  • Uttarakhand– 3 New Lines
  • West Bengal– 18 New Lines

This was all about the state wise list for new lines and as per the information available, these lines will support high-speed trains as well which had been in the list of Indian Railways for a long time. Apart from this, remember that the IRCTC website is www.irctc.co.in

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