Here is What You Need to Know about IRCTC Next Generation Portal


You must be aware of the fact that IRCTC launched a new portal. It is not actually a new portal but it is the old portal which has been upgraded in all dimensions. This new portal comes with new features and while travelling, these features can make the journey easy for you. Apart from this, these features can also make the booking process easy for you. This new portal is known as IRCTC Next Generation Portal. The old IRCTC Login details can be used as IRCTC Next Generation Login details as the users have been automatically migrated to the new portal.

Moving ahead, let us check out some of the additions and value-added services offered by IRCTC via

Probability of Ticket Getting Confirmed

So this is the most loved features until now. IRCTC now displays the probability of your ticket being confirmed which is in waitlist presently. This is right, the feature is amazing and almost everyone is making use of it.

Login Not Required

Another feature that you must know about is that if you just wish to check the availability of ticket then you don’t really have to login to the portal. This can be checked without logging in.

Book a Cab

You don’t need to book a cab and wait for it after completing your long train journey. You can book a cab with help of the IRCTC portal and the cab will be waiting for you at the railway station. This is again a new addition by IRCTC.

Get Food on Seat

IRCTC website now supports other restaurants and you can now book a meal from other regional restaurants. You can even get a pizza delivered from Dominos on your seat at the station of your choice.

Save Passenger Details

If you travel frequently then you can save the passenger details in the contact cards and this will save you from entering the passenger details all over again. Certainly, a feature that makes booking easy.

Save Card Details

Apart from saving the passenger details, it is also possible to save the card details of up to 6 banks. This ensures that you do not have to enter the 16 digit number all over again.

PNR Status

Even checking the PNR Status has become easy. You do not have to go through different websites to check the PNR Status. This option has been integrated into the IRCTC website now.

Train Live Status

Apart from the features mentioned above, another amazing feature added by IRCTC is that it has enabled the people to check the live status of the train so that they can plan their journey in a better way.

IRCTC e-Wallet

A new version of IRCTC e-Wallet has been integrated into the website and you can certainly make use of it as it makes the payment easy for you. This has also expedited the refund process.

Tour Packages

With the IRCTC website, it is possible to book air tickets, domestic tours, international tours, hotels and much more. All this is available at a very competitive price.

This was all the things that you should have known before booking the tickets on IRCTC and this will certainly help you in many aspects of your journey.

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