How to Book Tickets with New IRCTC Next Generation Portal?

The process to book tickets with IRCTC had never been this easier. Today, you have options to book a ticket with the next generation IRCTC portal and at the same time, you can also book tickets with help of the mobile application.

The portal is very stable and it doesn’t crash like the old portal used to crash every now and then. The new IRCTC portal is also easy to use. There are many additional features added to this new portal. If you are trying to book the tickets with the new IRCTC Portal then below is the process for the same.

IRCTC Online Ticket Booking Procedure

  • IRCTC Portal – To book a ticket with IRCTC, you first need to navigate to the IRCTC Portal. The link for the IRCTC Website is This is the primary IRCTC Ticket Booking Website.IRCTC Home Page
  • Login to The Portal – Once you are on the page, you can then log in to the portal to proceed with the ticket booking. It is possible to check the train availability status without logging in but it is recommended to log in before you proceed any further.IRCTC Home Page (login)
  • Enter the Journey Details – Now, from the Book Your Ticket Section, enter all the details required. These details include the source, Destination, Date, and You can also check on the boxes with Flexible with Date and Divyaang depending on whatever is applicable.
  • Finding the Train – After entering all the details, click on the Find Trains Button. You will now be redirected to a new page where the list of trains will be displayed as per the search criteria.
  • Checking the Status – On this page, you can check the availability of the train and you can do that for all the trains listed on the page. Moreover, you can also go ahead and check the availability for different classes of the train.
    • Ticket Confirmation Probability – This is a new feature added by IRCTC. The feature is based on the data of past and present. So, if you have a waiting list in the train, this button will show you the chances or the probability of ticket being confirmed.
  • Booking the Ticket – After shortlisting the train and the cabin, simply click on the book button and you will be taken to a new page where you need to enter the details of the passengers.
  • Entering the Passenger Details – Enter the details of all the passengers and make the payment to confirm the booking after reviewing the details.
  • Confirmation – The tickets will now be displayed on your screen and a message will also be sent to your mobile number.

You can also use the mobile application for IRCTC Railway Ticket Booking. It should be noted that these days, you can use the message you receive from IRCTC to travel in the train as it is not mandatory to take a print of the ticket. This now only saves the paper but it also makes it easy for you to travel.

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