iPay: IRCTC to launch Own Digital Payment System


Indian is putting a lot of stress on Digital Payments and the good part is that people are adapting fast to this change. The digital payments have already crossed $ 200 Billion Mark. In such a case, it has become mandatory for each and every business to have a reliable payment portal which offers ease of digital payments to the customers. IRCTC decided to increase the reliability of the payments made for booking a ticket by launching the IRCTC iPay.

IRCTC has already gained a lot of appreciation with the launch of IRCTC Next Generation Portal and IRCTC e-Wallet. This move is surely going to gain a lot of attention as the payment process and refund process will be easy for the IRCTC users who book the ticket via www.irctc.co.in

What is the Need for IRCTC iPay?

IRCTC is presently depending on third party portal and that has a payment failure rate. There are times when you go for IRCTC Login and you notice that a portion of payment portal is down. This is certainly inconvenient and this is one of the reasons why IRCTC wants to come up with its own payment portal. The payment portal will reduce the dependency of IRCTC on other portals.

Apart from reducing the dependency, this payment portal will also help IRCTC in increasing the revenue as it would not have to pay the service charge to the third party portal. This payment charge would be coming back to IRCTC and in future, IRCTC may even reduce the charges on booking the ticket.

The new payment portal can also help IRCTC in getting access to higher transactions and thus increasing the revenue by multiple folds. As per the statistics, IRCTC website is used for booking over 1.2 Million Tickets in a month and with this, you can imagine the magnitude of revenue that IRCTC is losing because of third-party payment portal.

Whats Next in Terms of Payment Portal?

As per the information available, IRCTC is already in the middle of development and deployment of this portal. The testing phase will soon begin and it will be rolled out in different phases to ensure the reliability. There would be extensive testing on the portal so as to ensure that the people would not face any problem

As per an estimate, the iPay should be integrated with your IRCTC Next Generation Login ID in coming 8 weeks. It is also known that IRCTC recently completed the compliance requirement laid by Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard and this is certainly quite a good progress. The support will also be offered by MMAD Communications as it has been supporting IRCTC with other projects as well.

To conclude, we can say that IRCTC has taken a good move by the implementation of this new portal and IRCTC is surely going to add more value to the users with help of this new Digital Payment Portal. These are some steps which can help IRCTC massively in coming days in multiple ways.

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