IRCTC Concessional Fare Rules: Rules for Students, Youth and Farmers

Do you know that as a student you can get as much as 50% discount on the railway fare? Well, we are sure that you were not aware of this fact. A lot of people are not aware of this concessional rule applicable to various categories so we decided to pen down an article about the same. In this article, we have listed all the different concessional rules applicable so that you can reduce the cost of your travel.

Online Mode vs Offline Mode

If you are booking a ticket online then you would have noticed that the IRCTC Next Generation Portal provides a discount to the Senior Citizen on the bookings made. As you might know, the online portal can be reached at

But do you know that IRCTC offers a discount to 53 different categories if the tickets are booked via offline mode? This is right and the concession can range from 10% to 100%. Some of the categories that can avail this massive concession are war widows, awardees, patients, disabled passengers, senior citizen, youth, student, farmer, sportsperson, artist and medical professionals. Many of these categories can avail discount during the counter booking.

Now, let us understand about the different types of discount applicable for different categories.

Students in General Category

This category is eligible for 50% concession applicable of sleeper class and second seating class. If the student falls in ST or SC category then the discount is 75%. This discount is applicable if the student is travelling to hometown or if he is going to an educational tour.

Students in Government School

This category gets 75% discount in second seating class and the concession is applicable only for the educational tour. If a student is appearing in UPSC or CSS exam then the student is also eligible for 50% concession.

Students of Foreign Nationality Studying in India

If a student of foreign nationality studying in India is travelling to attend a seminar or visit a historical place then a 50% concession is applicable in a sleeper as well as second class.

Research Scholars Below 35 Years

A researched travelling for the purpose of research work can get a 50% concession from Indian Railways while booking a ticket in sleeper class or second seating class.

Naval Cadets

Cadets are also offered 50% concession to travel between the training ship and the home. This concession is again applicable for cadets travelling in second class or sleeper class.

Youth part of National Integration Camp

Again, this category is eligible to avail 40 to 50% discount depending on the scenario here.

Bharat Scouts and Guides

If a student is a part of Bharat Scouts and Guides then he is straight away eligible for a 50% concession for his travel in sleeper class or second seating class.

Unemployed Youth

If a Youth is travelling for an interview in a PSU then he can also get a concession of 50% for the seating class as well as sleeper class.

Farmers and Industrial Labourers

This category can avail 25% to 33% discount depending on the scenario. In addition to this, the concession, in this case, is also applicable on second seating and sleeper class.

Farmer and Milk Producer

This is the last category on our list and this category can also get a discount of 50% in certain cases. You can visit the counter for booking of concessional tickets.

This was all about the concessional fare offered by IRCTC so the next time, you are planning to book a ticket, keep this in mind and you will be able to save a lot of money. For online ticket booking, you can visit and you can use your IRCTC Next Generation Login Details for booking the ticket. Along with this, you can use IRCTC e-Wallet after IRCTC Login to make the payment if you are booking tickets online.

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