IRCTC Next Generation Portal – 10 Things about Auto Upgradation Scheme

IRCTC is the sole system that can be used to book the tickets. IRCTC has many schemes and many different quotas for the people. While booking a ticket, you would have come across an Auto-Upgradation Feature. If you do not know about this feature then let us tell you that the feature can be used to upgrade the class of the passenger free of cost. This is right, you can get a class upgrade if you are booking a ticket via for no additional cost.IRCTC Home Page

Here, we have listed all the information about IRCTC Next Generation website’s Auto Upgradation scheme so that you can take full advantage of the scheme.

Ten Things To Know About Railways Auto Upgradation Scheme

Automatic Process

To begin with, you must know that the process is all automatic. No one can actually upgrade your ticket manually. The process is done during the chart preparation.


If your name is in waitlist then you have good chances of being updated to the next class. It is mandatory for at least 1 passenger in the PNR to be on the waitlist.

Cancellation Charger

If you have to cancel the ticket at the last moment then you will have to pay the cancellation charges. These cancellation charges are applicable to your original class. You do not incur extra charges as per the new class. If you booked a ticket using IRCTC e-Wallet then the refund will be credited back to the wallet.

Upgradation to Upper Class

In this auto upgradation feature, you are always upgraded to the next level of higher class. For example, if you are booked on 3-Tier AC then you will be upgraded to 2-Tier AC. You will not be upgraded to 1AC in such a case.

No Wait List No Upgradation

If you are not on the waitlist or if the train has no waitlist then no passenger would be offered an auto-upgradation. This is the key criteria for the feature to be applicable for anyone.

For Confirmed Passenger

If you have a confirmed seat but if there is someone on the PNR that was on waitlist and if all of you are upgraded then your seats will go to the passenger on the waitlist. You would not be able to occupy your original seats.

PNR wise Upgradation

It should be noted that all the passengers on a PNR are upgraded. No passenger is left out in such a case and all the passengers on a single PNR are upgraded to the next level.

No Choice

Another point to take care of is that you do not have a choice of lower birth while auto-upgradation. You will be aligned seats as per the availability.

Choose While You Book Ticket

Option for Auto-Upgradation should be selected while booking the ticket after your IRCTC Login or IRCTC Next Generation Login.

Refer to Final Charts

The best case is to refer to the final charts in case your ticket is on the waitlist. You will get to know if your ticket has been upgraded or not.

This was all about the auto-upgradation system of Indian railways. If you need any more information about the Auto-Upgradation then you can also get in touch with the customer care but for you, we tried to list all the possible information. The

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