IRCTC Sign–Up / Registration

There are several different services offered by IRCTC and with the new IRCTC Next Gen Portal, they have increased their portfolio. IRCTC has started offering services which were earlier not available. The services include under IRCTC Next Generation are as follows:

  • Flights
  • Stay facility
  • Cab facility
  • E catering facility
  • Charter Train services
  • Hill Railways facilities
  • Different  holiday packages

It includes both domestic and international services with an affordable convenience fare. IRCTC provides individual login and agents’ login as well.

We follow certain steps while booking a ticket is it for airline, railways or any other constraint. Let us have a look at different types of services offered by IRCTC and then we will look at the process to sign up on the new portal so as to avail these services with IRCTC.

An overview of IRCTC next generation:

  • Login for Individual/ agents-The person willing to travel or fly from one destination to another destination for a purpose like office tours, family vacation, solo trip etc needs to register on IRCTC page.

If you are an existing member you can log in through your username or user id, in case you forgot your password, you can request for OTP option and login. There is no Hassel of once again changing the password and remembering it.

If you are a new member you can click on the register icon and fill all the required details, which are not many but a simple format. The page contains a notification if a person who has created an account just for fun or any spam; it will automatically deactivate the profile without any notification.

Sometimes we make our headbang on regenerating and retyping the Captcha image. This burden has been lessening with the new IRCTC next generation portal. It also provides and welcomes different vendors for participating in agent’s login.

  • Change in language and Fonts– If you are a person who is more comfortable in Hindi as reading can translate the page into the Hindi language without the help of Google translator and can adjust the fonts according to your eyesight.
  • The Homepage– The homepage of IRCTC has transferred from the navy blue colour to a colourful page which provides a pop –up notification stating to book tickets.

Different icons present in the homepage and changes made by IRCTC are as follows:

  • Trains – On clicking on the Trains icon of IRCTC homepage, It will show –up different options like
    • Book Ticket
    • Tourist Booking
    • Cancel Ticket
    • PNR Enquiry
    • Train Schedule
    • Track your train
  • Book Ticket– On clicking on Book Ticket option, it will ask about your current destination and desired destination. The class you want to opt for like second sitting, sleeper, different AC Tiers, AC first class-1A, Exec. Chair car (EC),AC 2 Tier 2A,First Class(FC),AC 3 Tier(3A),Economy, chair ca , Anubhuti class(EA),AC 3 Economy 3E,AC chair car (CC), Sleeper (SL), Second Sitting (2S).

IRCTC has made the maximum available trains for any destination with multiple flexible times. You can also avail the option of flexible dates along with new facility called as DIVYAANG: which was earlier addressed for a Handicapped person.

  • Tourist Booking– Tourist booking gives you an option of foreign location as well along with the selection of quota system.
  • Cancellation of Tickets– The tickets cancellation can be of two types: Counter Ticket cancellation or E-ticket/ I- ticket. The counter ticket refers to the ticket generated from the ticket desk, whereas E-ticket basically refers to electronic ticket, which can be downloaded and showcase without printing the same. I-ticket is delivered to the passenger’s required address. IRCTC provides cancellation of three types of the ticket through the portal, you simply need to log in and enter the required details. Please read carefully the refund charges.
  • PNR Enquiry or PNR status – Passenger current status can be known by entering the PNR (Passenger Name Record) number which is mentioned at the top (left) corner of the ticket, be it a counter ticket or E-ticket or I- ticket. It provides the passengers or on-boarders with the information regarding the travel or journey purpose. It is a 10(ten)-digit number. It also includes services like Mobile ticketing services, Registration of train or full traffic rate, availability at Major Station, reserved train schedule, National Train Enquiry system, SMS service, Train Berth Availability.
    • Mobile Ticketing Services– The (un-reserved) ticketing system through mobile phones was started long back in the year 2014. It was first enabled for Mumbai location, now the app is available for both Mumbai & Chennai location. It is classified into two types: Paper ticket & Paperless ticket.
    • Paper Ticket – The on-boarder after booking the ticket will receive a booking Id and booking details, the passenger can enter the details at ATVM (Automatic Ticket Vending Machine) and can take a print out of it.
    • Paperless Ticket– Paperless tickets can be downloaded directly from the app. There is no hardcopy required for travelling purpose. The passenger can directly showcase in the mobile itself while travelling.

Registration of Train or Full traffic Rate – There are certain rules and regulation for doing registration of Train or to understand the full traffic Rate:

  1.  The pilot for WR: The Online booking of FTR is on a basis related to pilot and booking is currently permissible for the journey or the routes whose destination starts from Western Railway.
  2. The Process of Booking:Full Traffic Rate, registration can be made on IRCTC or portal or on the ticket counter of the respective station from where the journey starts.
  3. The period of booking: The registration of Full Traffic Rate can be done before a maximum 6 months and a minimum of at least 30(Thirty) days with respect to the date of journey
  4.  The process for payment of realization: It has two processes to be followed like:


  1. The process of registration on IRCTC website or portal: The concerned person will provide the details of booking type, their journey details related to coaches, and their routes. After processing of the request, the person will get a reference number and registration amount that is to be paid. The concerned person has to pay the registration amount against provided reference number to get FTR (Full Traffic Number) number.  The Payment of the required amount is to be received within 6 days which includes the same day on which FTR request is submitted. After 6 days of time, if the Reference Number related to the FTR has some issue the person needs to follow the above-mentioned steps once again for booking an FTR coach or train.
  2. Registrations related to UTS counter:  The concerned person will go and click on the icon of CBS (Chief Booking Supervisor)/Station Master (SM) related to the journey of the required station and needs to submit a written request containing the details of the journey with respect to FTR (Full Traffic Rate) booking. The CBS (Chief Booking Supervisor) will fill the required given details in the FTR system. The CBS will provide a system generated slip or computerized slip to the person. This computer-generated slip/ receipt will contain the reference number and the amount that is payable by the person. Then after the person will go to UTS counter and will deposit the registration money related to the reference number. After the confirmation of the payment, a printed slip/ money receipt will be provided to a person with FTR (Full Traffic Rate) number printed on it.  The person will again to CBS with this FTR number. At CBS counter, the person can request for a printout and can get a printout by giving the desired FTR number.
  3. The process of Refund: If the cancellation is done by the passenger or done by the railway department for some or other factors, the refund process will be done as per required existing manual pattern through (Chief) Commercial Manager.
  4. The number of permissible coaches: There are two types of coach constraint like Coach Booking in which any of the party can book or occupy maximum 10 numbers of seats on FTR for one tour as per the train’s journey.
  5. Train Booking:  In train booking a person can book maximum 24 numbers of coaches in full traffic Rate of the train which includes 2 SLR. 2 SLR coaches that is mandatory or compulsory
  6. The Registration Amount:
  7.   The registration amount for   Coach Booking: The Registration amount for booking a coach lasts up to 7 days of a train journey that is   Rs.50, 000/- per coach. The journey period exceeding more than 7 days an additional amount of Rs.10, 000/- per day/per coach is to be paid and is added in registration amount.
  8. The registration amount for Train Booking: Registration amount for booking of a train, the minimum amount for 18 coaches which includes minimum two SLR coaches and for  7 days of the journey the amount payable  is Rs.900,000/-.  The journey period exceeding 18 passenger coaches, an additional amount of Rs.50, 000/- per coach will be included in the registration amount. The tour journey exceeding more than 7 days, an additional amount of Rs.10, 000/- per coach will be included in the registration amount. Even for booking a train with less than 18 number of coaches, registration amount for 18 coaches minimum amount will be charged or will be included in the registration amount.

The above amount changes as per the revision made by the Ministry of Railways from time to time. Or of may be because of new amendments of the Railway Act.

This was all about the different services offered by IRCTC, let us now look at the main procedure to sign up for the IRCTC.

  • As you are signing up for IRCTC, you need to visit the IRCTC portal to sign up for the new account. On this home page, click on the Register button on top of the page. The button is located on the extreme top of the page.
  • Once you click on the Register button, the application form will be displayed and you will now have to start filling up the application form with your personal details. The most important details over here are the phone number and Email as you will receive a password on the same.
  • On the same page, you also need to create a User Name and a password for logging in to the IRCTC account which will serve as your Login ID and Password for IRCTC. After entering all the details, key in the Captcha Code and click on the submit button to complete the registration.
  • In this last step, you need to login to your IRCTC account and validate your Email ID as well as Mobile Number with help of the OTP that you will receive on both the mediums. The OTP will be different and hence check the inbox of email as well as phone to get the OTP.
  • The account will be activated after the validation.

If you already had an account on the old portal then you would not have to create a new account as all the User ID and Login Accounts have already been moved to the new portal. This will save a lot of efforts from the people. If you have never ever created an account on IRCTC then you must certainly go ahead and create an account on IRCTC.

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