Ticket Booking Made Easy with IRCTC Next Generation Portal

Tickets Booking

The service industry is all about Customer Satisfaction and the fact is that IRCTC is also a service provider. It also needs to ensure that the passengers are satisfied with the services. The first interaction that passengers have with IRCTC is via IRCTC portal so IRCTC decided to improve this aspect as well. IRCTC launched a new version of the website which is loaded with features and it has also addressed feedback from the people. IRCTC has made it easy to book tickets via its new portal and let us see how has this been enabled.

How IRCTC made Booking Easy for Passengers?

There are many features introduced by IRCTC in the IRCTC Next Generation website and you can check them out by using your IRCTC Login details at www.irctc.co.in

Vikalp Scheme

IRCTC has launched a Vikalp Scheme and this scheme is of great help to the passengers who are willing to travel but are unable to travel because of the waitlist. This option offers them various other options to travel.

Food Related Issues

IRCTC has also addressed the Food Related issue by adding more transparency to the system. They have now listed the menu price on the train and this makes it easy for the people to check the price of Menu while they order for food from pantry car. You can also book a meal with help of the new IRCTC portal.

Under the Hood Changes

There had been complaints about server issues in past but this has also been resolved. There are several under the hood changes and they have also expanded the server capabilities to ensure that people do not encounter this problem anymore.

Save passenger Details

To end the frustration of entering the passenger details, again and again, IRCTC has enabled the contact cards. This feature lets people save the passenger details and they can use these contact cards while booking a ticket.

Save Payment Details

Just like Passenger details, the new payment system lets people save the details of up to 6 cards and bank. This is again a much-desired feature which was required to increase the service satisfaction level. The payment system has also added IRCTC e-Wallet which is again a great feature.

Mobile App

There are some changes to the mobile app as well and it is integrated with the IRCTC website. If you are on the go most of the times then you can also use Mobile App to book the tickets. The app can be downloaded from https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=cris.org.in.prs.ima&hl=en_IN

Mobile Friendly Website

The new website is Mobile friendly and that is certainly a great help as this eliminates the need for downloading and installing the mobile app.

Confirmation Probability

IRCTC also added an option of checking the probability of getting the ticket confirmed if you are booking a ticket in Waitlist. This feature is known as CNF Probability.

These are all the different ways how IRCTC has made it easy for the people to book the ticket. You can take the first-hand experience of these features with a simple visit to the IRCTC Next Generation website and use your IRCTC Next Generation Login Details.

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